Our menu changes on occasion, but you can count on a distinguished offering of savory olives, cheeses, cured meats and a few in-house specialties. All boards are served with a seasonal variety of pickled veggies, nuts, jams, fruit, preserves, mustards, crackers and local breads. Have fun with your selections and enjoy! $16/24/32

     Meat Selections                                                                        Cheese Selections

Prosciutto Di Parma                                                              Cheddar w Porter (Guinness)

Salami                                                                                      Piave` Oro Deltempo

Soppressata                                                                             Beemster VLASKAAS (gluten free)

Mortadella                                                                               Cucina Andolina Goat Cheese

Smoked Fish  (Chef Selection)                                             Manchego

Port Salut



Spreads  7                                                                                                                                                                                              

Parsley Anchovy + Sun Dried Tomato & Calabrese

Seasonal Salad 7  

Brix Assorted Olive Bowl 7

Infused Olive Oil  (served with bread + crackers) 5

Composed Cheese Board  (assorted crackers, bread and Brix infused olive oil) 14/26