Comerica Hatch Detroit

Brix fam, we made it to the Comerica Hatch Detroit Contest and now it’s your turn! We need you to vote to #BringBrixBack. This is an amazing opportunity for us to win $100k and that money will go toward our re-opening. For those of you who are not familiar with Brix, we are a wine bar that was located in West Village Detroit and will be re-opening soon on 7/Liv. Ready, set, vote.

4 thoughts on “Comerica Hatch Detroit

  1. Brix is a Will be a wonderful place for us to go and sit down and have a nice glass of wine and and an improvement on the fashion of Avenue
    I vote yes Brixdetroit

  2. Brix…
    Is special place that has iits own vibe that is bar none to other wine bars.
    It is a eclectic vibe with sophisticated palate.
    The owners simply understand how to bring together the most amazing people. To create an environment that you can not get enough of.

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