Chances are you or someone you know has made the claim that they love rosé, but hate White Zinfandel. This isn’t surprising at all because White Zinfandel has a pretty terrible rap, no thanks to how it’s been made and marketed for years. But making a claim like that isn’t actually accurate, because White Zinfandel is a rosé, just a sweet version of one, so saying you hate one but love the other is like saying you love baguettes but hate bread. We know that might have sent your wine world spinning, so let us explain.

Dry rosés, particularly those from France, that are light in color and all the rage during the warmer months of the year, are made using red grapes by allowing the skins of those grapes to only sit with the pressed juice for a very short while, thereby imparting a pink color instead of a red one. The juice fully ferments, it’s allowed to sit in steel tanks and voila, you have dry rosé. This is the stuff that’s made a comeback across the country over the years and is the wine we’ve come to know as love as rosé.


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